Xiaomi’s Black Shark gaming smartphone will be a looker, suggests new leak

Xiaomi is seemingly gearing to launch a new gaming-centric smartphone in China on April 13. The smartphone in question does not have a name yet, but, apparently Xiaomi backed subsidiary Black Shark is building it from grounds up for gamers. Much like the Razer phone. Xiaomi’s Black Shark gaming smartphone may be a looker though, unlike the Razer phone which is not. It’s a big boxy slab on the contrary.

Xiaomi’s upcoming gaming phone has leaked online. Actually, its brief teaser has that gives a closer look at its profile, from one side. But, the profile is enough to highlight one of its headlining features: the Black Shark will be gorgeous to look at. The phone will have curved sides, and rounded edges, a stark departure from the Razer phone’s big boxy design. The silhouette of Xiaomi’s phone suggests that it would be all-glass on the front — preferably bezel-less with an 18:9 aspect ratio — with a metal frame joining the whole thing together. The power button is seen on the right side, and has this grooved texture to make it stand out. Not that it was needed since it seems like the Black Shark phone would have its volume rocker on the left.

That’s all that there is to it, for now although hardware specs of the said phone have been doing the rounds on the internet for sometime now. The phone will apparently be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with up to 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. It will further come a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate although its resolution is said to hover around full-HD+.

The Razer phone launched recently aspires to offer high-end gaming credentials on a mobile form factor. The Black Shark will likely aspire to do the same. Chances are it may never come out of China though. But whatever it is, Xiaomi’s decision to invest in a gaming smartphone that’s a niche product when you look at it in totality goes on to highlight how much Xiaomi has grown over time. That said, it must be noted, that the Black Shark phone won’t be a full-on Xiaomi phone as and when it launches. In China, Xiaomi is known for a plethora of ecosystem products, that it helps design and market on the shoulders of small subsidiaries that it invests in. The company is known to make everything from pens to suitcases. The Black Shark gaming phone will be one such product.