What we’re wearing on Christmas day

Birkenstocks in Arizona Blue Shearling.
Birkenstocks in Arizona Blue Shearling. Photograph: Birkenstock

Ihave quite strong opinions about how Christmas Day should look, funnily enough. I’ll be honest: there is almost no greater strain on my commitment to being a fun and easy-going parent than when it comes to a choice between decorating the tree myself so that the spacing of the fairy lights is aesthetically pleasing and letting my daughter go wild with enthusiastically home-glittered pine cones. (*Deep breaths*) Also, I am very much of the if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it school of thought when it comes to all things festive. I have written beforeabout the black velvet party dress being the north star to my nativity scene, and I therefore present to you this year’s version. It’s from Topshop, and I bought it back in November, it’s adorable, and it’s as close to Valentino as you are gonna get for £85. I first wore it to a Bonfire night party, I wore it to a Chanel dinner – but I knew from the moment I saw it that I’d be wearing it today. Jess Cartner-Morley

Jess Cartner Morley’s Topshop dress.
Jess Cartner Morley’s Topshop dress. Photograph: Jess Cartner-Morley

In my fantasy Christmas I’m champagne-giddy in swish pyjamas, but that won’t be an option this year. I’ll be quite heavily with child, so booze is off the menu, and spending big money on loungewear that won’t fit in a couple of months just feels loopy. Instead, I’ll wear the poshest item of maternity clothing I own – a needlepoint pinafore by Clary & Peg – layered over a black poloneck, a look that feels quite 1970s mum and therefore very wholesome and Christmassy. Hannah Marriott

Pinafore from Clary and Peg £115
Pinafore from Clary and Peg £115 http://www.claryandpeg.co.uk/collections/maternity/products/pinafore Photograph: Clary and Peg

Last Christmas, I wore the infamous pan-religious jumper, because I thought it would be funny, but it wasn’t; so it came off by about 1130am (it’s also itchy and hot, and my mum tends to whack an entire arboretum on the fire when we come home). This year, I’ll be wearing my wide-legged Whistles trousers, because you don’t need to wear shoes with them and they’re slightly too big, so I can eat what I want. Then it’s a tight men’s vest and, over that, my gold sequin bomber jacket which I bought from a charity shop in Oslo two years ago for about 250 Norwegian Krone (£19) and which cost the same as two slices of pizza. What it lacks in minimality it makes up for in warmth (it’s double lined), plus it’s one of those things you can only wear when it’s OK to dress like a cartoon, which is today. I occasionally wear it to work and when I do, invariably, colleagues offer condolences for the funeral. Ideal, really. Morwenna Ferrier

Morwenna Ferrier’s gold sequin jacket from Norway.
Morwenna Ferrier’s gold sequin jacket from Norway. Photograph: Morwenna Ferrier

One of the things I like most about Christmas is the fact that you dress up, but stay in, eat too much and watch BBC costume dramas. Such a unique occasion requires an interesting sartorial solution – something comfortable, a bit glamorous and also forgiving to spillages of gravy and red wine. This year, that problem is solved with this glittery jumper from H&M. It’s sparkly and green – two seasonal ticks that allow you to look a bit like a Christmas tree – and not too tight, so my Christmas dinner plate can be piled high. I’ll be wearing it with jeans, red lipstick (for extra Christmassyness, obviously) and that ultimate indoors accessory: slippers. Lauren Cochrane

Glitter-knit jumper from H&M.
Glitter-knit jumper from H&M. Photograph: H&M
Birkenstock Arizona Blue Shearling sandals (which are sadly, sold out).
Birkenstock Arizona Blue Shearling sandals (which are sadly, sold out). Photograph: Birkenstock

Christmas Day is one of those suspend-your-disbelief days (wine at noon when you’re not French, telling your family lame cracker jokes. Really?). Normal wardrobe rules do not apply, so it’s a good time to try a trend that could only really work on one day of the year. This year, I was hoping to wear some blue shearling-lined Arizona Birkenstocks (I mean, when else?), but it turns out several people have had the same idea, as they are now sold out in the UK. So, in all honesty, I’ll be wearing these chestnut sheepskin slippers and kidding myself that they are quite new-era Gucci. Furry slippers are such a look for Christmas 2015. Imogen Fox