How to Use Your Website for Social Media Gain

An engaging website can help build your company’s social media profiles. Find out how to turn your website’s success into success on social.

A “good” business website will not only offer information about your company to prospects, but will help drive people to reach out, contact you and take the next step. A company website should have a loud call to action.

Social media can draw people to your website, teaching them more about you and, ideally, converting them to a customer or a warm lead. However, your site can lead people the other direction, to your social media accounts. If your goals are to increase your social media engagement for long-term results, leverage your website.

About 95 percent of millennials are likely to follow a brand via social networking. Make it easy for them to follow you by leveraging your website in these ways.

Add social media buttons to your website.

If you seek to increase your social media reach, a simple first step is to add social follow buttons to your website. In some cases, people searching for your social accounts will find it easier to click through to your profile there, instead of searching on the social media platform. Further, it informs people in which networks you participate. Make sure your buttons are easily visible and link to the correct profile. Many companies post their buttons in the footer, so it’s become a natural place for people to look. For better visibility, you might consider using the header or adding a side row of buttons placed vertically in the middle of the page. Also, put your buttons on the contact page and your blog.