Tricking Out Your Car: Tech-Driven Updates That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Adding huge rims to your car can cost $1,000 or more. They don’t offer any functional value to the car either. You want an impressive appearance as you drive down the road, however. Take a close look at the tech-driven updates that you can do without a huge investment. Your car is a reflection of your personality.

Installing a Bluetooth Stereo

One of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to update your car is through a stereo purchase. Take out the factory radio. Place a new stereo with Bluetooth connectivity in the slot. This feature allows you to hook up nearly any electronic device and hear the audio through the car’s speakers. These stereos also look sleek on your dashboard. The latest models have many features, including colorful LEDs. Simply shop around until you find the right deal.

Decorating the Exterior

Update the car’s exterior with chrome plating or new headlights. Many facilities offer vacuum coating services so that your exterior products look brand new once again. Choose your exterior options carefully, however. Adding too many flashy items can make the vehicle look unsightly. Subtle details, such as chrome-plated trim, enhance the car’s appearance. Don’t forget to care for the items after they’re replaced or coated. A regular, wax job can make the surfaces shine and withstand the weathering elements.

Improving the Engine

Most people don’t think of the engine’s updates when it comes to everyday services. They mainly think about oil changes and transmission-fluid flushes. Give the engine a boost by replacing the spark plugs. Factory plugs are normally standard grades. Look for enhanced, spark plugs that improve your engine’s functionality and mileage counts. You might add an air intake or reusable air filter too. Both of these updates improve the car’s performance on the road.

You may be focused on the car’s appearance, but don’t forget to keep up with basic maintenance. Oil changes and tire rotations should still be at the top of your list. With attention to nearly every detail of the car, it will last for many years on the road.