Tips For Teaching Your Horse To Jump With Confidence

Owning and riding horses is unlike anything else. They can be very fun and rewarding to have. If you love your horse and want to offer it the best life possible, you need to train it. One of the most popular training styles for horse owners is the art of jumping. It is typically the next step for horse trainers after teaching a few other simple tricks first. It can be a rewarding experience to see your horse learn how to be confident enough to perform horse show jumps over jump boards like the ones found at


You need to be fully prepared before you try and teach your horse to jump. If you are new to teaching, it is best to get help from someone who has more experience. Horses can be extremely unpredictable when learning something new. Proper preparation should also include having a safe and secure riding seat when practicing jumps with your horse as well.

Pole Riding

To start the process of teaching your horse to jump, you should have it walk over poles. After a few weeks of guiding your horse to step over poles, it is time to raise one off the ground by a few inches. Your horse should have no problem trotting over low poles before moving on to the next step.

The Final Jump

After a few weeks trotting over a low-hanging pole, it is time to teach how to jump. The key is to begin with your pole lower and gradually move up when both you and your horse are comfortable. As you gain skill during the jumps, you can gradually move the pole higher.

The main tip for teaching your horse to jump is to remain constant. Repetition is the key to learning the process in a safe way. The amount of time it takes for a horse to learn a proper jump will depend on the horse and trainer both. Have fun, take it slow and before long you will be jumping like a professional.