When Theme Park Accidents Happen

There’s something about visiting a theme park that brings out the crazy, fun-loving child in all of us. Some people get so caught up in the fantasy of visiting a theme park they leave their rational mind behind. There are stories galore of people becoming so caught up in the false reality of rides at Disneyland that they attempt to actually get out of the ride seats and go climbing around on the “land” of the Pirate ride or the Haunted Mansion. Park officials at have to constantly be on high alert for park visitors getting too caught up in the fantasy of the park, in order to ensure their safety.

A Park Visit Gone Wrong

There’s no question that a trip to a great theme park is a knockout great time. What happens, though, when negligence at a park leads to a dangerous accident? Part of the thrill of a “thrill ride” is the feeling of danger it brings on, with the underlying assurance that all will be well. If a ride is designed poorly or not well-maintained, however, that thrill can turn into a nightmare. There are stories galore about people being hurt on roller coasters that careen off their tracks, and when these events happen, there are consequences.

Finding Fault

If a person is hurt on a theme park ride, an investigation has to be made. A ride expert witness, who knows the mechanics of rides and the safety guidelines surrounding them, will likely be called in. The investigation will look at the potential negligence on the part of the park company, as well as potential negligence on the part of the rider. Ultimately, a settlement with the insurance company will be reached, and the case will be resolved. If the park was negligent, any problems with safety must then be resolved so no further issues ever take place.

Going to a theme park should be a fun time for all involved. When parks do their part to ensure the safety of visitors, a good time should be guaranteed, and hopefully, it will be.