TAM AdEx Play: Ad volumes of real estate category falls


Advertising for properties/real estate sector in traditional mediums declined in January to March 2019 as compared to the same period in 2018 according to cross media data released by AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research. The ad volumes on radio, TV and print fell by 15%, 8% and 3% respectively between January – March 2019.

While radio was on top with 76% share of category ad insertions, it was followed by TV and print with 18% and 5% share respectively. Digital, print and radio had highest category ad insertions in March 2019. Maharashtratopped with 27% share of category advertising on Radio followed by Delhiwith 17% share. Among sales promotions, 63% of the category ads appeared with discount promotion and 16% ads with multiple promotions. Brand Promotion topped with 73% share of category ad space.

Top 10 advertisers added 56% share on TV, 13% in print, 21% on radio and 38% on digital. Signature Builders (9%), Sangam Lifespaces (9%), Kashish Developers (8%), Samarth-Aaditya Realtors (7%), Surya Group of Companies (7%), ACME Group (5%), Vijay Krishna Ventures (4%), Ats Infrastructure (3%), SSM Builders & Promoters (2%) and Bildova (2%) were the top 10 advertisers on television.

Out of top 10 advertisers three advertisers were common between print and radio medium. Among the common advertisers, Bhutani Infra advertiser was on second place in print and radio mediums during January to March 2019. Bhutani Cyberthum was the top brand in print and radio mediums during this period.

News bulletin was the most preferred programme genres for category with 34% followed by drama/soap (29%), interviews/portraits/discussion (9%), religious/devotional/astrology (7%), reviews/reports (5%), feature films (3%), film based magazines (2%), events/concerts/awards/shows (1%), business programme (1%) and comedies (1%).

West Zone was on top with 33% share of properties/real estate advertising in print followed by North Zone (30%), South Zone (28%), East Zone (8%) and National (0.2%). Mumbai topped West Zone as well as all the cities and New Delhi was on second position during January to March 2019.

Maharashtra topped with 27% share of category advertising on Radio, followed by Delhi with 17% share. More than 60% of the category ad volumes during January to March 2019 were occupied together by top three states (Maharashtra, Delhi and Gujarat).

Direct transaction method was on top with 51% share of category ad insertions, followed by ad network and programmatic method with 35% and 14% shares on digital respectively.