How to Shop for, and Be Done with, the Holidays Before September

Every year seems to go by quicker than the one before, which means the holidays are forever an impending thought in your mind. However, while most people are scrambling for last-minute gifts for their loved ones, friends, and acquaintances, you can successfully have all of your seasonal shopping finished before September. Too good to be true? Read on for helpful pre-holiday shopping tips.

Shop Throughout the Year for Loved Ones and Friends

The focuses of your holiday shopping excursions are loved ones and close friends. Ergo, these are the ones you should shop for first. You know them the best, you know the kinds of things they love and are interested in, so shopping for them should be the easiest. For example, that sports-loving hubby of yours would LOVE a set of NFL cornhole boards for your next backyard BBQ.

Invest in Year-Round Gift Cards that You Can Dole Out as Christmas Gifts

Thankfully, gift cards are typically good for a year for most places. Some even lack an expiration date entirely. So, with each paycheck, invest in one or two gift cards to somewhere nice, like a restaurant or shopping boutique. Then dole these out as Christmas gifts to acquaintances, office co-workers, and distant relatives. Before September, you should be able to invest in 10 – 20 gift cards of $20 to $30 apiece.

Put Back a Little Cash for the Holidays from Every Paycheck Until August

One way to ensure you have a good base for seasonal shopping trips is to put back 10 to 20 percent of each paycheck up until the end of August. At the tail-end of August, to the beginning of September, use the saved cash as your budget line. Then go holiday shopping with your budget and a Christmas list.

Or, Opt for DIY Crafts or Baked Goods as Gifts This Christmas

Another way to ensure you both save cash and get your Christmas shopping done is to DIY presents, like crafts [photographs, paintings, picture frames, etc.] or homemade baked goodies, like sugar cookies or gingerbread stars.

Seasonal shopping doesn’t have to be a super-stressful event that leaves you pulling your hair out in December. Follow the aforementioned tips to relieve some pressure and ease your mind this holiday season.