Realities of Climate Change

Whether you believe in climate change or not, it is happening, and it will continue to happen. Believing that the sun won’t rise in the morning doesn’t change the fact that it will, and there are indisputable facts to show that climate change is real and will continue to get worse. As it does, you can expect to see more disasters, more extremes, and more unpredictability in climate.

More Disasters

The most obvious sign of climate change and one that is likely to get worse is an increasing number of environmental disasters. Hurricanes, fires, and blizzards will become more common and year-round disaster relief efforts will become a normal part of life. They’ll also become longer lasting as droughts go on and on and sea levels rise.

More Extremes

This increasing number of climate disasters will be a direct result of increasing extremes of hot and cold. Places that were once temperate will become less so, plunged into deeper, colder winters and more blistering summers. Places that were already too hot for most people will become more so, and places that were already cold will become even colder. Dry seasons will become drier and flooding seasons will become wetter.

More Unpredictability

Unfortunately, it will be hard to say with any specificity what the exact outcomes are likely to be because the main result of climate change will be a greater unpredictability. Scientists’ understanding of how weather works is based on previously established weather patterns. As those patterns change, it will become harder and harder to know exactly what to expect. That is no reason to ignore the dire warnings coming from all sides of the scientific community. Even if all they can say is that things are going to change, and not for the better, that’s a warning we can’t afford to keep ignoring.