Party Favors Your Guests Will Appreciate

Whether you’re throwing a baby shower, a retirement party or any event in between, thank your guests with a small gift that they’ll be glad to take home. Choose a token of your appreciation that suits the gathering’s theme, serves as a reminder of the occasion and enables your friends and family to truly make use of it.

Tasty Treats

Guests of all ages will be pleased to receive a selection of edible goodies. Create candy gift baskets featuring popular sugary tidbits like candy bars and lollipops, interesting retro sweets or jelly beans that match the event’s decorations. Fill small bags with an assortment of homemade cookies, muffins or snack cakes. You can also go the gourmet route, compiling such items as nuts, cheeses, crackers and preserves in rustic boxes.

Commemorative Keepsake

Offer attendees a favor to help them remember the event for years to come.  Print a souvenir item such as a tin of mints, keychain or travel mug with the date and name of the occasion. For an extra special touch, have each person take a selfie with the guest of honor using an instant camera and then place the photo in a frame adorned with the date of the party.

Future Fun

If your event has a spectrum of guests with a wide range of ages and styles, let them choose their own favor. Provide a selection of practical, small gift cards and encourage them to choose the one they will enjoy the most. Consider certificates to an ice cream parlor, restaurant, bookstore, online retailer or music and movie streaming service, for example.

After putting so much effort into party planning, it’s tempting to consider the parting gifts an afterthought. Yet with a little creativity and focus on the guests’ tastes, you’ll be able to present a favor that’s as memorable as the event itself.