Are You the Next Old MacDonald?

The old farmer’s saying about productivity is that you ought to make hay when the sun shines. Unless you have lived on a farm, you might not fully grasp the importance of priorities for a lifestyle that requires work from sun-up to sun-down. While gathering chicken eggs and eating fresh vegetables are some of the many perks of an agricultural lifestyle, the pros and cons of farming might have you debating that pair of overalls in the corner.

The Power of Life and Death

When you live or work on a farm, you are shouldered with the responsibility of keeping things alive. If you choose to raise livestock, it takes a lot of hay and grain to keep them fed. With the help of tools like the double bale hay spear, you can leave rolls of hay in the pasture or barn for self-feeding. However, raising bottle babies takes hours of time and careful attention. While animals can be cute and cuddly, they can also get injured, become sick, or experience disease. Be prepared for the realities of farm life.

Eating Off the Land

If you choose to grow fruits or vegetables on your farm, you will need a green thumb and some great weather. Not all farms will turn into profitable distributors that operate across the country, but you should at least support your own dining preferences. Depending on your soil and acreage, you can live off the land all year round if you can or freeze unused vegetables.

Federal Assistance

If you want to start a farm but think you can’t afford it, there are many grants and loans available though the Department of Agriculture. Do some research and find out how you may be eligible for financial assistance.

Working on a farm is rewarding work, despite the long hours and strenuous working conditions. If you love the land and working outside, a farming venture may be a good change of pace for you.