MAC are giving away free lipsticks tomorrow

MAC are giving away free lipsticks tomorrow

Often when you hear that a brand is giving away something for ‘free’ it turns out to be less of a sweet deal than it sounds. 

But not this time.

To celebrate National Lipstick Day (yes, that’s a thing) MAC is giving away one FULL SIZE lipstick to each customer, for as long as stocks last, if you spend £40.

Which makes a nice change from promos where you need to follow them on Facebook and donate your eggs/first born child/ hair.

MAC are giving away free lipsticks tomorrow

I mean, free as long as you don’t get over excited once you’re in store and decide to splurge on a whole load of other products. We’ve all been there.

You’ll probably need to get there sharpish though, this offer is too exciting for most of us to resist, and when they run out, they run out.

Also – seeing as we’re talking thriftily here, did you know that if you can get a free lipstick in store all year round, if you bring six empty MAC canisters in? It’s a loyalty scheme, and it’s also environmentally friendly because MAC then recycle the canisters.

What’s not to love?

To check where your nearest MAC store is, you can click here. Elbows at the ready. Stores might well have queues.

This article originally claimed that MAC was giving away free lipsticks, no purchase needed. Sadly that’s only happening in America. Good news if you’re on holiday, at least.