Keep Your Animals Safe with Fencing

Whether you have a farm or a few acres with horses, cattle, or other animals, you will want to ensure their safety. Horses have gotten out and wandered onto highways where they were hit by a truck or car. This is just one of the reasons you need the right fencing to keep your animals secure and safe from harm.

A Good Quality Fence is Best

Fences are made of different materials such as wire or wood. Many people choose wood fencing for horse and cows. The wood must be of a good quality and treated to last. The boards should be placed close together to keep animals from getting their heads stuck in between them. This could injure them, or they could break the fence.

The fence should be high enough to deter your animals from trying to get out of their enclosure. At the least it should be higher than their chest. Of course you will need gates to get in and out as well as moving your animals. One type of farm gate openers is offered by Bump N’ Drive.

Are Electric Fences a Good Option?

Electric fences can be beneficial for keeping your animals where you want them. The fence is generally made of wood posts with wire stretched between them. The electric wire will be at the top of the fence. This type of fence is not dangerous for your animals. It only delivers a mild shock when they come into contact with the wire. It is used to teach the animals to stay away from the fence.

The choice of fencing will depend on the animals you want to keep contained. Some people choose vinyl for horses because it is sturdy and long-lasting. It is easy to install and offers a good look for your property. Aluminum fencing is another type that not only protects your animals, but it can keep trespassers off your property. Choosing good quality materials for your fence also helps it to stand up to extreme heat, cold, snow, sleet, or rain.