Insuring the Saddle: Health Insurance Options for Horses

Much like human health insurance, health insurance for horses comes in handy when an unexpected emergency occurs. Veterinary medicine is as advanced as its human counterpart, and treatment can become costly. Having the right type of insurance is important when taking care of the needs of your horses.

Mortality Insurance

In general, a health insurance policy is offered in combination with a mortality policy. Mortality insurance, much like life insurance in humans, pays an owner in case their horse dies. Death can be due to natural causes, diseases, accidents or, in some situations, theft. Insurance rates will vary based on the individual horse as they take into account the age, breed, sex, value and use of the horse.

While mortality insurance can be purchased without health insurance, it is not recommended. Mortality insurance requires that an owner makes every effort to provide their horse with the necessary care to preserve the horse’s life. If an emergency occurs, and an owner must refuse life-saving treatment recommended by the veterinarian due to cost, the insurance company will not honor the mortality policy.

Medical And Surgical Insurance

Health insurance for horses can be broken into medical and surgical-only options. While neither of these options cover routine medical care like vaccinations or dental, they do offer specific benefits for an owner. Medical insurance, sometimes called major medical, typically covers veterinary diagnostics, treatments and medications necessary for the animal. Under medical insurance, there is also coverage for the costs of surgeries and post-operation care. If an owner opts for a surgical-only insurance policy, the coverage is not as broad. Surgical-only policies do not cover the cost of any diagnostics or treatments prior to surgery, only allowing claims for the surgery itself and the care afterward.

When faced with an emergency, health insurance can help save the life of your horse while easing your concerns about money. Research policies to see which is best for you and your lifestyle.