India TV-CNX Opinion Poll: Modi No.1 in PM race; most people say ‘achhe din aa gaye’

India TV along with CNX has conducted an opinion poll to gauge the mood of voters ahead of the crucial Lok Sabha elections. According to the survey, Modi emerged as the top choice for PM, while Rahul Gandhi was at a distant second. According to India TV-CNX Opinion Poll, most people believe “achhe din” have come.

While 46% said “achhe din” had come, 34% believed the opposite and the remaining 20% chose ‘can’t say’. According to the opinion poll, 40% people opined government should bring an ordinance on Ram Mandir, while 36% disagreed.

India TV-CNX Opinion Poll: Highlights

# On being asked on performance of MPs, 36% said it was good, 21% rated it as average, 28% said bad while 15% chose ‘can’t say’

On being asked the reasons for BJP losing assembly elections, 31% cited unemployment as the topmost reason. 22% said farmers issues, inflation 15%, Corruption 16% and other issues 16%

On question if ‘Achhe’ din had come, 46% said Yes, 34% said No, 20% chose ‘can’t say’

36% people say no to ordinance on Ram Mandir, while remaining 24% chose ‘can’t say’

40% people say government should bring an ordinance on Ram Mandir, according to the India TV CNX Opinion poll.

# According to the survey, 30% people agreed on Modi government’s work, unemployment 18%, Ayodhya issue 15%, Farmers issues 15%, Inflation 10%, Corruption 8%

# Mayawati with 7%, Nitish Kumar with 5%, Mamata Banerjee 3%, Akhilesh Yadav 3%

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi appears as a the second choice with 23% in his favour

According to the survey, 41% people want Modi as PM again.

According to India TV-CNX Opinion Poll, Narendra Modi has emerged as the prime choice for PM among voters.