‘Gaming doesn’t have a negative impact’

Image result for ‘Gaming doesn’t have a negative impact’CHENNAI: Gaming for me, is like yoga,” says Chennai-based 23-year-old Ankit Mathur, a final year IT student at SRM Institute of science and Technology. His love for games started when his parents bought him a PC in 2002. The first game he played was Road Rash and from then on, he says he has played a plethora of games.

Though Ankit has played games for more than a decade, he deems himself as someone who still has a lot to improve. His favourite games include Counter-Strike: Global Fffensive, CSO, Halo 5, Battlefield, Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2, Rainbow sixsiege and PUBG. “Since gaming is a visual medium, graphics are really important,” says Ankit who is also the college Gaming Club convener. “We have 50 members divided in to three teams — Toxicity, Lost Kings and Oofs,” he shares.

Ankit believes, gaming has a greater influence on today’s youth and has become a  positive culture. “A lot of people think that playing games is easy, but it isn’t. To become a professional, one has to have good communication skills, patience and be a team player,” he explains. According to him, the best set up for gaming is the PC with CPU monitors, and good graphic specifications.

He has made friends online while playing games and considers getting to know different kind of people, exchanging ideas, and new gaming strategies a blessing. “As a gamer, one should promote gaming. I also want to let people know that playing games does not have a negative impact on life. Each game is unique and one should not disrespect it,” he says.