Galaxy S8 Android Oreo – Exclusive news reveals when YOUR Samsung phone will be updated

Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Oreo

Android Oreo finally looks set to launch in the UK on Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphones within weeks.

The eagerly awaited software update has been rolling out across Europe with users in Germany, France and Poland all getting access to Google’s latest OS.

Now it seems S8 owners in Britain will be next on the upgrade programme.

Samsung hasn’t officially revealed a release date for its rollout in the UK but an industry source has exclusively told that networks are expected to get Oreo within days.

For anyone owning an S8 on contract it’s worth remembering that mobile operators and networks have to test any new software before pushing it out to consumers.

However, with Oreo now in the hand of these networks the update on the Galaxy S8 should be available in a matter of weeks.