Easy Ways to Make Meat Dishes More Appealing for Restaurant Consumers

Meat is a delicious product that many chefs use to make appealing dishes. When they prepare these meals, they always implement tactical procedures to enhance the texture and flavor of their meat products. If you want to wow your guests’ taste buds, you can accomplish this objective by following a few simple steps.

Tenderize the Meat

Most cuts of meat have characteristics that make the process of chewing through the grains a challenge. The level of toughest is influenced by the number of connective tissues that run through a piece of meat. Fat can also make beef tough as it consists of thick muscle layers. You can easily pinpoint fat on beef since it creates marbling.

In order to make tough meat tender, you must pound the protein with a hammer. You could also soften the grains by cooking the meat slowly. This strategy is effective because heat gradually melts the fat that makes meat chewy and tough.

Blend the Meat

When all of your meat is tender, blend different cuts together to make new products. In order to effectively combine different cuts evenly, you’ll need to grind each piece of meat in a grinder. Then, slowly mix the meat in an industrial mixer.

If you want to create new blends for burgers, you must use cuts of beef that have a practical lean to fat ratio. The following cuts are great options for juicy hamburgers:

  • Chuck steak
  • Brisket
  • Sirloin steak

Pour Seasonings Evenly

Every portion on a piece of meat should have a consistent flavor. If you don’t season the food properly, your dishes will be bland or too salty or spicy. You should never pour seasoning onto meat from out of a bottle because this seasoning method isn’t consistent. Instead, pour all of your seasonings into a bowl. Then, grab the spices with your hand, and gradually sprinkle the product over the meat.

These tactics can help you serve food that can enhance everyone’s dining experience. If you want to make huge batches of seasonings in advance, you’ll need to invest in a few industrial blenders.