EaseUS Data Recovery Software: The Finest In Its Class

EaseUS Data recovery software is one of the most popular recovery software available today. It has garnered the interest of several people owing to its simple, yet effective tools. The software is being widely used by customers and tech reviewers alike.

The data recovery software helps the user recover their important files or folders, which might have been deleted or lost due to unforeseen circumstances. The software can recover a number of different file types, including compressed, music, video, documents files etc. from different situations, such as hard drive crash, hardware failure, system crash, OS crash, corrupted files, corrupted storage devices etc.

The software boasts of an interactive interface, which features simplistic and functional tools. This helps maximizing productivity, while the automated search process allows the user to go through the functions easily, and recover their files in a timely manner.

Four Packages

The software is available in four different packages, namely Free, Pro, Pro+WinPE and Technical. All of these packages are readily available to be downloaded/purchased at the website of the company. The free package serves as a trial run of the software, as it offers all the features of the software, allowing the user to use the software to its maximum potential, however, it only allows the user to recover 2 GB worth of data.

If a user wishes to recover more, they need to purchase either of the premium packages. The Pro and Pro+WinPE comes with a single-user license and allows for unlimited recovery of data alongside additional technical support. The Technical package is more commercial-oriented package, which comes with a technical license.

The recovery software recovers file using data remnants, left behind by deleted files. These remnants lie in the memory, and the software finds them, compiles them together in order to recreate the original files. In order to do so, it makes use of two different scan modes, which are Quick Scan mode and Deep Scan mode.

Quick Scan Mode

The quick scan mode is the first and faster scan mode, which puts more focus on bringing forth quick results. It quickly scans the memory for data remnants and recovers file, which had been deleted in the recent past. The scan mode retrieves results in a few minutes.

Deep Scan Mode

The deep scan mode automatically starts after the quick scan mode has ended. It is a much more advanced mode, which has a wider area of search. Due to this, it takes a while to search. It also looks for hidden, system and inaccessible files.

After the scan has ended, the results are displayed on the screen. The user can here choose to recover files one by one, or recover all of them at once. Few additional features are also there in order to assist the recovery experience, such as the ability to filter different type of files, the preview feature, which allows the user to view contents of the file before recovering it, and the import/export option, which allows the user to recover from the same results again in the future, without having to go through the scan process.