Daisie Is an Upcoming Social Media App Aimed at Creatives, Backed by Actress Maisie Williams

Daisie Is an Upcoming Social Media App Aimed at Creatives, Backed by Actress Maisie Williams

Square peg in a round hole. That’s how social media platforms can feel for a creative. None of them were really specifically made to be used by creatives for networking, collaboration, and artistic development. We sort of just made it work the best we could with the options that were there. A new app, Daisie, is set to take on this much-needed role in summer 2018.

Daisie aims to shake up the way social media is used by creatives, and place balance in gaining exposure while offering guidance to those starting out. The app’s goal is to inspire the creation of new works by way of promoting existing talent to a wider audience.

A couple examples of how they plan to do this is with two interesting features: Question Time and Shared Projects. Question Time is used to ask questions to experts in your field or to answer these queries from other people and gain exposure. Shared Projects is for connecting your collaborative work with those across industries as a way to “[share] success with fellow creatives.” While there’s little to no detail on this feature, it would really be something to make the complicated and crude world of tagging models, makeup artists, and assistants in posts to something more searchable or streamlined. There is a lot of reimagining possible in this area that has yet to be explored.

Daisie mockup.

Also, rather than ads displayed in the app or on the website, Daisie will be using a “Plus” system where paying users will be allowed additional features.

According to a report on TechCrunch, the app is currently in month 4 of a 10-month build schedule.

The company was co-founded by “Game of Thrones” Actress Maisie Williams and Movie Producer Dom Santry. The two entrepreneurs brought in Tim Novis under the role of technical director for the app which covers UI design, front-end development, and native app engineering.

Maisie Williams

“Daisie will break down the archaic gap between youth and creative jobs; offering new opportunities for individuals to collaborate, learn and create — establishing a new way for talented individuals to be discovered and employed,” Williams said in a statement.

Daisie is expected to launch by August 2018.