BJP foundation day updates: Amit Shah says party MPs to sit on dharna on 12 April against Parliament deadlock

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Congress leader Sanjay Jha says Amit Shah must apologise for his ‘filthy language’ against Opposition partiesRandeep Surjewala slams Amit Shah for his “cats and dogs” remarks on the Opposition. says the manner in which the BJP chief used abusive language reflects a leader who’s “lost the battle even before it started.”

  • BJP workers have lost their lives protecting democracy:Smriti Irani 

    “The nation is bigger than party and we follow this, and our party workers also follow the same. BJP has worked for democracy and they have lost their lives in protecting it. The workers have kept democracy alive,” Union minister Smriti Irani said on the occasion of the party’s foundation day.

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    BJP is a democratic party which has no place for dynasticism and casteism, says Narendra Modi

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    We should not let the social media spaces get into the wrong hands: Narendra  Modi 

    “Technology has become a powerful tool, we must use it for the betterment of society. In the fraction of a second, you can send news from one part of the world to another…But if we’re not careful, rumour-mongers and people will bad intentions will take over such spaces,” Narendra Modi said to karyakarta’s via a video link on the NaMo app.

    “In the times of social media, if we are not careful, the elements walking in the wrong path will ruin the space…We should not let any space get into the wrong hands. The right things, things that unite society, must be communicated everywhere. The government’s decisions should be informed to people so that they have knowledge of the same,” Modi added.

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    Our journey from struggle to solutions is a journey of full devotion: Modi

    “There was a time we were struggling for the problems of common man and today we are working on solutions for the common man. Our journey from struggle to solutions is a journey of full devotion,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi says to BJP workers watching him on the NaMo app

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    Watch Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interaction with workers LIVE here: BJP workers in Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh wait for Narendra Modi’s interaction to begin BJP workers speak ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interaction with karyakartas via the NaMo app