Arrested? Do You Know Your Rights?

Most people go through life without ever encountering a situation that could get them arrested. Others are not so fortunate. Sadly, the truth is that you can also get arrested even if you never commit a crime. You probably have heard about cases of mistaken identification or seen news items about people being in the wrong spot at the wrong time – and that could be you. Being prepared for the possibility of arrest and knowing your rights can help you get through the situation more easily.

You Have the Right To Refuse To Be Searched

When the officer approaches you, he or she will almost always immediately ask if you will allow a search of your person, your vehicle, or your belongings. You have a right to say no. If the officer believes he or she has a legal right to commit a search, they never ask – they just search. Remain calm and state, “I decline to be searched.” Make sure to speak politely and remain peaceful, even if the officer begins searching after you declined his or her request for permission.

You Have the Right To Legal Counsel

As soon as you can, let the officer know you would like to obtain legal counsel and contact a bail bonds West Chester PA representative. If you don’t have money for an attorney, let the police officer know that, too.

You Have the Right To Stop Talking

You must give your name, your height, age, and weight if asked, but don’t answer any other questions about yourself or your actions during the time in question. You can ask to speak to your lawyer or make a phone call, but don’t become a nag about it – that will upset the officers. Remember to stay calm and act polite. When the officers ask a question, just answer with, “I don’t want to talk. Can I see my lawyer?”

You have rights, even when you have been arrested. Knowing them can help you stay calm in what could otherwise become a tense situation.