4 Tips When Building Your Dream Home Includes Clearing Land

You found land, purchased it, designed the home of your dreams, and now you are ready to begin construction – right after you clear part of your new land. When you have land, and you need to clear it before you begin to build your home, here are four tips to help you with the project.

Know Your Plot

No matter how big your land is, the area you need to clear to build on requires a definition. Trees may need to come down, shrubs removed, hollows to be filled in, and hillsides to be leveled. After walking through the area, be honest with yourself, and decide if you need help from a professional tree service Edmonton to clear the land.

Get The Permit

You may own the land, but there can be protected trees, wetlands, or vegetation on your property that require permits before you can remove anything. The authorities may also ask for tests to determine soil erosion and how your building will impact the land surrounding your property.

Protect the Trees

Any trees or plants you do not want to be removed from the area need to be marked in a way that defines them as special. Wrecking and removal crews may not pay close attention as they demolish, so make the marker bold, bright, and big.

Understand Your Budget

Dumping debris, removing soil, and tearing out trees can be an expensive operation. Before you begin the project, you should set a budget that includes clearing the land, renting equipment, hiring a contractor, and obtaining permits.

Leveling the Land

Leveling the land may bring up many surprises before you are done. Tearing trees out of the ground can leave a huge hole that needs filling, tamping, and refilling. There may be small hills you did not see because of dense vegetation or even small valleys, and they will need leveling.

Use the five tips above to understand that building your dream home includes clearing land, and that can be filled with numerous surprises. Knowing what may come your way can help you prepare for the unexpected.