3 Things Common in Chefs and Rummy Players

We all know that a game of rummy is popular all over India just like food is. The Indians share their love for unique flavours just as nicely as they do the love for card games. That brings one to the similarity between the two, a rummy player and a chef, and one wonders really is there any? So, here we have come up with a simple comparison that may help one assess the two:

They Never Cease to Experiment

The chefs are people who come up with interesting new dishes to please the taste buds of people around the world. They try combining different ingredients, vegetables, fruits and spices to come up with the perfect flavour of a sumptuous meal. They never stop experimenting with their recipes even after successfully coming up with many unique recipes. These are people who are never satisfied with their existing skills and wish to venture the unknown paths. That is the reason why everyday you come across some new culinary delight in every part of the world.

A rummy player too is quite similar. He does not always rely on the age-old rules and techniques. He is always to experimenting and trying out new ways to win the game. While the standard rule is to create the life and not pick cards from disposed deck till the life is made, he may pick occasionally simply to confuse the opposite player. He may try and understand how each player creates his set and decide his own moves accordingly. This may make an avid rummy player completely unpredictable.

They Know the Importance of Freshness

The masterpiece of perfect taste can never be created by a chef without a good nose for freshness. The taste of fresh vegetables and foods is what mainly constitutes the perfect flavours. Just the recipe is not enough to make the dish mouth-watery and tempting. That is why, most chefs know how to select fresh ingredients for their recipes. They value freshness.

As an avid rummy game player, you may wonder where exactly freshness even comes to the picture. Well, it is the freshness of mind and an open eye for the cards played by the next player that can make all the difference in card games. If you are not concentrating and your attention is diverted by everything going around you, you may play the game but never win it. Similarly, a rummy player should try fresh ideas to defeat the opponent and not stick to the age-old principles.

They Never Underestimate A Newcomer

Many years of cooking surely helps you understand the underlying principles of cooking. However, a good chef never undermines a learner. He knows that cooking skills come to one naturally and with years of practice, these only get refined. That is why a good chef would never insult someone who is new to cooking.

A good rummy player will always welcome a newbie with open arms. He will teach the techniques of playing rummy without hesitation. He may even appreciate some new tactic tried out by the new player.

The simple fact is that an expert in a game of rummy or in the kitchen will have the same basic principles. That could be the reason why all new players on KhelplayRummy and other such sites enjoy the whole experience of playing online.