3 Not-So-Obvious Tips for Machine Cleaning and Maintenance

When working with heavy machinery, you need to take every precaution you can to make sure you or someone else isn’t injured while on the job. One such precaution is basic cleaning and maintenance, a rather simple way to ensure your machine is always at the top of its game. Certain things you can do to keep things running smoothly are fairly obvious, but let’s go over three not-so-obvious tips for machine cleaning and maintenance to help you get by.

1. Set a Schedule

While a schedule might sound obvious on the surface, there’s a disappointing number of people who kind of just wing it when it comes to their machinery maintenance. Beyond that, even those with schedules often don’t keep very good ones since they just never learned how to do it. The exact length of time between different cleanings and maintenance will vary based on the machine in question and the use, but the most important part is to stick to it and be thorough, detailing exactly what you need to do in addition to the day of maintenance.

2. Inspecting Seals

In order to not get tons of dirt and debris inside your machine, most heavy equipment is equipped with various types of seals across its surface to keep these kinds of things out of its internal workings. No maintenance session is complete without checking the security of these seals, as those that come loose can potentially damage or destroy your machine entirely

3. Regular Washing

Given that being dirty is a fact of life for heavy machinery, many opt not to wash them on a regular basis for the fact that they’ll just be caked in mud sooner or later. While that logic isn’t necessarily unsound, it’s highly beneficial to keep your equipment clean. Not only is it easier to work with, it works better and cooler compared to machines covered in debris. This means jobs get finished quicker and there’s less risk of overheating your machine.

One piece of equipment everyone cleaning or maintaining their heavy machinery will need is a good rag for wiping things down. Look into buying cleaning cloths wholesale to cut down on costs and keep things looking and operating good.