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River Palace Hotel updates distribution strategy with SiteMinder: SiteMinder secured the River Palace Hotel in Italy. According to the director
Comcast Challenges Amazon’s, Apple’s, and Google’s Leadership In Smart Home Tech: Alexa, Siri, and the Google Assistant just got some additional competition — from the


Statsguru: Holding a fine balance between 11th and 14th Finance Commission: The 14th Finance Commission, under the chairmanship of Y V Reddy, had ushered in
Top Japan Finance Official Denies Sexual Harassment, Says to Sue Publisher: var viewReq = new Array();function vu(u) {var i=new Image();i.src=u.replace("&","&");viewReq.push(i);}vu("\u003dAKAOjssxYXaihrBFhfl3X8j72jpBdBaoO2EcstwkwHjD9W39uHcQjTZNZrCC-PoQ14txOo5KAcRrt30oR3gSLLNYLqwnSg8OnruhneBO7S0SAxnOBoYIH3JAx7_d_t5XAZWFb-FPCx_1OBAooTsKlUhrxUF4567Sp1oXZJ8B-c3s7AA9sHbb3bpKvDo-ApUngD3kKhJkfF6mpuTky1bGGeRLnGLnGGbGGeiXEbW2bkJG45P01cDcdZ5ERgNuAWi2QYWneWaf7ccISHn6rAGwtA\u0026sig\u003dCg0ArKJSzAhQftUTnXyGEAE\u0026urlfix\u003d1\u0026adurl\u003d") osdlfm(-1,”,’BPKwA6b7UWtuqAcfCugShoK6wCgAAAAAQATgByAEJwAIC4AIA4AQBoAYW0ggFCIABEAE’,”,3910559959,true,’ud\u003d1\u0026la\u003d0\u0026alp\u003dxai\u0026alh\u003d3731978663\u0026′,3,’CAASEuRoiQzI7Ln9twuS_zYoMI2JiA’,’\u003dAKAOjssp3tcziKp9w0WQnAD2PaeXNCqqgUyaF1VE5jFjAegSMIVH4wV15HU8KOTF6SYDcot1C0o5QH5BxfhFjUv1kwVz7XIio4nyCl0\u0026sig\u003dCg0ArKJSzNRwIp0-em2YEAE’,”);if ( &&
Kerala rejects state Finance Commission’s views on tax devolution: Even as Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan argues for re-framing the terms of reference of the



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Real Estate

L.A. Beats Manhattan on Office Real-Estate Profits I’ll take Manhattan, the old song goes, but when it comes to making a buck on office real estate, you might take West L.A. Based on recent capitalization rates
Ban on fixed return schemes in real estate You must have seen advertisements of builders and developers promising assured return on your investments and easy payment plans if you book a flat, shop or office in their under construction
CM promises to fast-track real estate approvals Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami on Friday announced that estate developers across the State will soon get their permits online within 45 days. This would be done through a

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CWG 2018: Commonwealth Games 2018 in Gold Coast entered Day
A nationwide anti-quota bandh call, given largely through social media, turned
Rare is beginning to address some of Sea of Thieves players’